About Agricultural Veterinary Associates, LLC

​The demand and growth area for the practice continued to be dairy, and in 1990 Cynthia B. Foulke, D.V.M., joined the practice, followed by Stephen W. Foulke, D.V.M., Dipl ABVP, in 1994. With Peter J. Harris, D.V.M., joining the practice in 1994, a southern influence was added. In 1995 Dr. Hutchison retired from food animal practice, and with Dr. Stephen Foulke joining as a partner, the professional name of Agricultural Veterinary Associates was purchased.

With a challenge to improve professionally and meet the producer’s demands, Dr. Brian Reed obtained his MBA, and Dr. Stephen Foulke obtained his Dipl ABVP.  During this period, additional professionals continued to be added.  Douglas S. Scipioni,V.M.D., joined Agricultural Veterinary Associates in June of 2001, a local graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.  In 2006 Dr. Douglas Scipioni became a partner in the practice.  Also in 2006, additional geographic diversity of education was added with the addition of Teri Coon, D.V.M., a Kansas State graduate as well as Erick C. Stoltzfus, D.V.M., a graduate from the University of Minnesota.  In January of 2010, Dr. Erick Stoltzfus became a partner. In May of 2010, Agricultural Veterinary Associates was given the opportunity to merge its offices in Manheim, PA and Denver, PA into a more central location, Brickerville, PA.  With access to routes like 322, 501, 72, 897, and 422, the move was key to providing superior service for our clients. In early 2016 Dr. W. Scott Tillman joined the practice as our newest Associate Veterinarian. In June of 2016 after 20+ years of service, Agricultural Veterinary Associates said good bye to Dr. Stephen Foulke who moved onto other opportunities within the dairy industry. In early 2018 Dr. Edward Fuhrman and  Dr. James Shissler joined the practice as our newest associate veterinarian’s. 
Thank you to the agricultural community for providing the demand and allowing Agricultural Veterinary Associates, LLC to serve you.
In 1981, the agricultural community in Central Pennsylvania presented an opportunity for Robert H. Hutchison, D.V.M., and Timothy P. Trayer, D.V.M., to start a total ambulatory food animal practice.  Veterinary services in the area had been clinic based in which all surgical procedures were transported to the clinic, resulting in an afternoon lost for the dairy producer or trucker.

The key foundation in the practice growth was challenging producers to implement dairy herd visits, herd health programs, and improving quality and quantity of milk produced.  With the addition of Brian K. Reed, D.V.M., in 1987 to the practice, the Ohio Veterinary College philosophy of practice was challenged by his Minnesota education.  In 1989 the third partner was added, and Hutchison & Trayer Veterinary Associates became Hutchison, Trayer, & Reed Veterinary Associates.