Externship's are available but often fill up quickly so be sure to submit your request in advance.  Please note the they are typically reserved for 3rd and 4th year veterinary students at a  preferred length of 2 weeks. (if a longer time is needed it can be discussed) 

Practice Description
11 Doctor, 100% Food Animal Practice. 95% Dairy, 5% Beef, Swine, and Small Ruminant. 

Externship Description
To work with veterinary students to expose them to food animal practice and improve their veterinary skills.  The externship should challenge the student’s knowledge base and clinical skills.  Some aspects to be covered are as follows:
  1. Palpation skills both in routine pregnancy and reproductive exams as well as in physical exams of patients.
  2. Ultrasound skills in both reading of the ultrasound image and use of the machine.
  3. Physical exam skills.  Student should be able to perform a complete physical examination including minor diagnostics such as urinalysis, blood chemistry, fine needle aspiration, abdominal taps, neurological examinations, etc.
  4. Surgical Skills.  Student will participate in surgical procedures including but not limited to, LDA, RDA, RTA repair, Cesarean Sections, Umbilical Hernia Repair and Caslick’s.  Both traditional surgical techniques and laparoscopic methods will be used.
  5. Record Analysis.  PCDart for DHIA record analysis, ration evaluation, and farm financial review.
  6. Knowledge Base.  Student is expected to be able to create a list of differentials and rank them, create a diagnostic plan, interpret results and create a treatment plan.
  7. Communication skills.  Ability to communicate with the attending veterinarian and with clients is stressed.
  8. Practice management.  Discussions of practice management and interview skills for job search.
If you are interested in applying for our externship program, please complete the application/questionnaire below:  2019: Full; 2020: 1 opportunity available


Peter Harris, DVM will review your submission.  

Feel free to contact him at 717-625-4212 or at agvet@ptd.net

if you have any questions.